DIE MAHNUNG DER TOTEN, for Mezzo-Soprano & Wind Band (2019)

DIE MAHUNG DER TOTEN (Text: Heinrich Kämpchen – 1909) has been commissioned in 2019 by Bernhard Stopp (conductor) and the Bergkapelle Saar. The text tells of the hard and dangerous life of miners in the first half of the 20th century.

The premier performance is scheduled for May 22, 2022 (concert hall of the Saarländischer Rundfunk in Saarbrücken, Germany) – see Video below

Orchestra: Bergkapelle Saar

Conductor: Bernhard STOPP

Soloist: Carman SEIBEL, mezzo-soprano

Duration: 14′:25”

DIE MAHNUNG DER TOTEN is published by Bronsheim Music (http://www.bronsheimmusic.nl)

CD-release: September, 2022