CHAPTERS OF LIFE (Tuba Concerto, 2010)

For Tuba-Solo & Symphony Orchestra

Dedicated to Timothy Northcut in friendship
1 – Wild Days  2 – Midlife (to Dana)  3 – A Celebration of Life
Duration: 17′


Edition Kunzelmann (Symphony Orchestra Version), distributed worldwide by

Edition Peters (rental from:

Premiere: 08/03/2011, Cincinnati (OH, USA – Wind Band version)
Conductor: Rodney Winter, Soloist: Timothy Northcut

European Premiere (SO-Version): 14/16-02-2020, Philharmonisches Orchester des Staatstheaters Cottbus,

Conductor: GMD Alexander Merzyn, Soloist: Karl Berkel

Soundcloud: Recording by Deutschlandfunk-Kultur (Concert 14-02-2020)

II) 6′:20”    III) 13′:32”