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CD-Jubilee Vibrations

CD including my compositions TIME FOR OUTRAGE! (Live!), JUBILEE VIBRATIONS & FESTIVE FANFARE  Luxembourg Military Band/J.Cl. BRAUN, conductor, Sven KIEFER, soloist

AVAILABLE AT: http://www.bronsheim.nl


DER LINKSMÄHDER (the sinistral mower), for Wind Band

(After a Legend from the Swiss Village Madiswil), Grade 3, Duration: 8′

Available at: http://www.windmusic.ch




 Last compositions:


 - L.W.O. – OVERTURE (4′:10”)

        Commissioned by the Luxembourg Wind Orchestra

        First performance: 09/2017

        Publisher: t.b.a.

 - DIALOGUES, for two solo-horns & fanfare orchestra (14′)

        Commissioned by KunstPalet, Tjeerd Vrieswijk, Sjoerd de Vries,

Paul van Dalen & the Frysk Fanfare Orkest (NL)

        First performance: Conservatorium Zwolle (NL), 1st of July 2017

        Publisher: http://www.bronsheim.nl

- CLARINET CONERTO (2005), (Rescored for Piano & Clarinet)

        Publisher: http://www.bronsheim.nl

- TIME FOR OUTRAGE ! , (Rescored for Fanfare Band)

       Commissioned by the Gelders Fanfare Orkest

       First performance: 2017 WMC-Contest in Kerkrade (NL)

       Publisher: http://www.bronsheim.nl

- SOLITARY PRAYER, (Rescored for Euphonium & Piano accompaniment)

       Also available with Wind Band, Fanfare Band & Brass Band accomp.

       Publisher: http://www.bronsheim.nl

- . . . IN OTHER WORDS . . .

      (for Fanfare Orchestra)

      Duration: 15′,  Grade: 5-6

      Available after the WMC-Contest 07/17 at: http://www.bronsheim.nl

- DER LINKSMÄHDER (for Wind Band)

      Duration: ca.8′, Grade 3-4

      Available at: http://www.windmusic.ch

- FESTIVE FANFARE (for Wind Band)

      Duration: 4′:40”, Grade: 4-5

      Available at: http://www.bronsheim.nl

- JUBILEE VIBRATIONS (Concertino for Vibraphone & Wind/Fanfare/Brass Band)

      Duration: 11′    Grade: 4-5 (Band), 6 (Solo-part)

      Available at: http://www.bronsheim.nl


     1 – Praeludium  2 – Scherzo  3 – Adagio  4 – Toccata

        Duration: 27′:15”

        Soon available at: http://www.kunzelmann.ch




- Composing a Trio (10-12′), for Soprano, Bass-Baritone & Piano (07/2017)

  First performance: 09/10/2017, Luxembourg Philharmonic Hall

- Composing a Wood Wind Quintet (2017)

- Composing a piece for Chamber Orchestra (2018)