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CD out now: International Repertoire Recordings (led by Timothy Reynish)

including my composition DANCE SEQUENCE (2003), Cleveland State

University Symphonic Wind Ensemble, Conductor: Birch Browning

Last compositions:

– EUPHONIA’S VOICE (16′) – 2019

(Concerto for Euphonium & Symphony Orchestra)

        Commissioned by the ‘ Philharmonie de Luxembourg ‘

& dedicated to Philippe Schwartz, in friendship


        Commissioned by the Harmonie Municipale Mondorf-les-Bains

– WOODWIND QUINTET N°2 (10′:30”) – 2018

        Commissioned by the “pentaTon”- Quintet (CH)

– GLÜCK AUF – FANFARE (2′:45”, for Wind Band) – 2018

        Commissioned by the ‘ Berkapelle Saar ‘, Saarbrücken

– SCHATTENGÄNGE (9′:30”, for Wind Band) – 2018

        Commissioned by the ‘ Deutscher Musikrat ‘ for the 2020 Wind Orchestra

Competitions in Germany (test piece).

        Publisher: http://www.bronsheim.nl

– TWO ORGAN PIECES (1-Meditation 2-Interludium 3-Toccata in C) – 2017

        Commissioned by Alessandro Urbano & The Ministry of Culture, Luxembourg

        First Performance & CD recording: t.b.a.

        Publisher: t.b.a.

– A VIANDEN (12′, poem by Victor Hugo), for Soprano, Bass-Baritone & Piano

       Commissioned by the Trio Cénacle & the Ministry of Culture of Luxembourg

       First performance: 9th October 2017, Luxembourg Philharmonic Hall

       Publisher: t.b.a.

– TRIGGER (an Overture for Band),  (4′:10”) – 2017

       Commissioned by the Luxembourg Wind Orchestra & the Ministry of Culture of

Luxembourg, First performance: 8th October 2017, Conservatory Concert Hall,

Luxembourg, Publisher: http://www.bronsheim.nl


– Composing a wind band piece, for the ‘ Bergkapelle Saar ‘ (2019)

– Composing a Concerto for Piano & 20 instruments (winds & percussion)

– Composing a concerto for wind band, for the ‘ Harmonie Municipale

d’Esch/Alzette ‘ (2020)

– Composing a fanfare band piece, for the Fanfare Luxembourg-Bonnevoie (WMC 2021) (2020)